To improve access to and the quality of health care for underserved populations of California using academic-community partnerships for health education and workforce training.



   Increase community-based health professions training programs

   Increase the diversity of California's health workforce

   Strengthen colloboration and develop partnerships between institutions with similar missions

   Support communication between community and academic partners

   Record, study, and document outcomes



   Health: A skilled, well-distributed health workforce will improve the health of Californians.

   Education: Education improves individuals and communities.

   Community: Underserved communities have strengths and needs.

   Diversity: California's diversity should be reflected in its health workforce.

   Collaboration: Collaboration of communities and academic institutions is essential to workforce

       improvement and distribution.

   Innovation: New ideas contribute to success.



   Continuing education programs for health professionals practicing in CHCs and other underserved areas

   Teaching health professionals students and residents to present health information to community members

      and clinic patients

   Community based clinical training for health professions students and residents

   Programs to expose high school students to college and career opportunities in the health professions


California Area Health Education Center Program


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