The San Joaquin Valley AHEC is hosted by the Fresno Healthy Communities Access Program (FHCAP), a 501c3 serving the San Joaquin Valley of California.


FHCAP focuses on improving access to health care for those who are medically underserved. FHCAP works to increase health care services and improve accessibility to those services. FHCAP has been successful in administering the Children's Health Care Initiative, developing a "One Stop" application for health insurance and education for newly insured children, addressing specialty shortages through the use of telemedicine, analyzing and addressing access to care issues for the medically indigent. FHCAP works to resolve access to quality health care for California's agricultural workers. Programs for the San Joaquin Valley AHEC include the integration of the valley-wide CME programs into a central resource for health professionals, training medical students, residents and health professionals how to use telemedicine to access specialty care in clinics and CHCs in the rural Central Valley, working to establish a Teaching Health Center and offering rotations to medical students through the Cal-SEARCH program.


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To address primary care physician shortages, the San Joaquin Valley AHEC and FHCAP have successfully recruited classes of Family Medicine Residents into the Sierra Vista Family Medicine Residency Program, a Teaching Health Center, to increase provider capacity. The Teaching Health Center offers 15 rotations to residents including Pediatric, Cardiology, women’s health, community health, and interfaces with the UCSF Family Medicine rotations. A Family Medicine Resident Handbook was developed to aid in the orientation and development of medical students, residents and health professionals into the San Joaquin Valley Region.




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