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UCSF Educational Symposium & National AHEC Organization Biennial Conference 2023

The California Area Health Education Center is excited to announce the acceptance of several abstracts to the UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium in Fresno, California and the National AHEC Organization (NAO) Biennial Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All three of the following Abstracts were accepted to both the UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium and the NAO Biennial Conference.

  • California Statewide Area Health Education Center Scholars Symposium. Fallas, S., Price, I., Fowkes, V., Gomez, I., & Garza, J.
  • Addressing Health Care Disparities through Empowering Youth-SYDCP. Morioka-Douglas, N., Renner, M., Garcha, J., Gomez, I., Mender-Hernandez, E., Xiong, X., Jerardi, M., Wang, Y.
  • California Statewide AHEC Burnout Prevention and Resiliency Program. Price, I., Gomez, I., Fowkes, V., Garza, J., Linzer, M., Justice, C.
The UCSF Fresno’s 8th¬†Annual¬†Educational Symposium took place on March 3, 2023 where authors presented their research to peers and UCSF Fresno’s community.
The National AHEC Organization’s Biennial Conference will take place in June 2023. Authors will each hold a 30-minute oral session.