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California AHEC Webinar – 2024

Purpose: The California AHEC created a webinar series to showcase the California AHEC Scholars work and continue to educate other Scholars across the United States. 

Improving Follow-Up Care and Access to Medications After Patient-Directed Discharges in Family Medicine Inpatient Service; Myrka Macedo, Viangkaeo Lee, Seshaan Ratnam, Hector Acosta Parra, Alan Pham, & Mina Sarofim

Use and Efficacy of Antifibrinolytic Agents in Children with Neuromuscular Scoliosis Undergoing Growth-Friendly Instrumentation; Jagjot Dosanjh 


National AHEC Organization Scholar Led Presentations – 2023 

Purpose: The National AHEC Organization prepared an online presentation series for AHEC Scholars to showcase their work at a national level.   

California’s Central Valley Physician Shortage: An Inside Perspective; Esteban Rios & Rebekah Hwang

Correcting Myopia Among Hospitalized Patients; Jagjot Dosanjh, Kenneth Fox, Neytali Kanwar, Austin Ocallaghan, Maria Denalene, & Lillian Vang

Koom Tes Tiv Thaiv: Hmong Health and Culture Fair; Lillian Vang, Viangkaeo Lee

Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California (APIDC) All of Us Research Program Outreach Strategy & Approach; Kelvin Chau

Periodontal Disease and Periodontal Health in Oral Cavity; Jiawei Liu

Characterizing Diabetic Health Literacy and Management in Rural Eastern Coachella Valley; Aparna Manoj, Joslyn Santana, & Diana Ortiz


California AHEC Community Project Symposium – 2023

Purpose: The Community Project Symposium brings together AHEC Scholars throughout the state to showcase the outreach and research they conduct within their communities. Students, former AHEC Scholars, preceptors, and others will have the opportunity to learn about how this work has enabled community engagement as part of professional training and impacted many medically underserved sites and patient populations in the process.  

The Humanistic Charting Initiative: Creating a Standardized Patient-Empowered Approach to Healthcare Improvement and Delivery; Seshaan Ratnam

Stop the Clot! Preventative Health Education on the Signs, Symptoms, and Importance; Cindy Nguyen

Central valley Physician Satisfaction Survey; Esteban Rios & Rebekah Hwang

CHW’s Role in Empowering Patients in Navigating their Healthcare with the Use of Technology; Angelica Nevarez

Outcomes of a Longitudinal Mentorship Program for Underrepresented Pre-Medical Students; Amritpal Singh