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CA AHEC COVID-19 Webinar Series

Webinar: COVID-19 Long Haulers [PDF]
As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed over time, experts have coined a new term to describe COVID-19 patients affected by the related symptoms in a long-term period: ‘Long Haulers.’ These individuals may have chronic diseases and/or underlying conditions which already affect their respiratory system. By developing COVID-19, these symptoms may remain for weeks or even months after diagnosis. By reviewing what a long hauler is, we aim to educate on how their health is impacted and how to manage the effects.

Webinar: COVID-19 and Mental Health [PDF]
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many drastic changes occurred in our daily lives causing panic and disruption. The new measure and impacts introduced included quarantine, causing effects on our usual activities, routines, and livelihoods. This in turn has developed increased levels in loneliness and depression. By providing information on the impact of COVID-19 on our mental health, we hope to bring awareness and techniques on how to manage and function with the stress.

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines [PDF]
This webinar will help go over and illustrate the rigorous process a vaccine must go through before being provided to the public. With any new vaccine, some people may have their doubts and hesitate in receiving it. However, we know that if people avoid the vaccine and fear it, COVID-19 will still be spreading. By providing this background information, we hope to relieve the fear of the vaccine and will encourage individuals to get it once the final COVID-19 vaccine is approved.

Webinar: Advocating for Community Health: Finding your Voice

Author: Ilan Shapiro MD FAAP FACHE, Medical Director of Health Education and Wellness

Description: Our new reality has opened multiple new conversations. As we have seen vulnerable and underserved community have been suffering and impacted in higher levels. Sadly, this is not just with COVID-19 but with a vast list of other medical and mental problems. All of them are related with a constant common determinant: “The Social Determinants of Health”.

Webinar: Patient Education and Health Disparities in COVID-19

Presenter: Linda Barman, MD, MPH. Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford School of Medicine, Associate Director of Stanford Express Care Clinics and CROWN clinic

Co-presenter for Health Disparities and Patient Education Webinar: Alejandro Toledo, UC-Berkeley student in Molecular and Cell Biology, Stanford Summer Community College Premedical Program graduate

Summary: The COVID-19 pandemic has created unique challenges for health care providers and patients. Patients are scared and have many questions. They may be receiving conflicting or confusing information about COVID-19 from different sources. In addition, each patient is unique. How do health care providers answer their questions in an accurate, compassionate manner that is linguistically and culturally appropriate? What information do all patients need to know? Where do health care providers up to date, reliable information? In addition, it has become apparent that there are huge health disparities in COVID-19 infection rates and illness. What are the causes of this? In addition to patient education, how can health providers address and combat health disparities, and improve the health of all of their community? This webinar will be conducted by Dr. Linda Barman, a co-founder of the Stanford Crown Clinic, which has been treating and supporting outpatients with COVID since April of 2020, and Alejandro Toledo, a SSCCPP graduate with extensive experience at a community-based COVID-19 testing site in East Palo Alto. At the end, a list of resources and references will be provided.

Webinar: Health Provider Wellness in the era of COVID-19

Presenter: Linda Barman, MD, MPH. Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford School of Medicine, Associate Director of Stanford Express Care Clinics and CROWN clinic

Summary: the importance of health care provider wellness is becoming increasingly well recognized. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic places new and significant stressors on health care providers. In this 1 hour webinar, we will go over the data on the importance of health care provider wellness and the costs of burnout, both individual and economic. We then discuss the unique challenges faced by health care workers during the pandemic, and specific strategies to mitigate them and support health care workers. Finally, we will cover concrete, evidence-based strategies to improve health care worker wellness in any situation. At the end, a list of concrete resources, references and links will be provided. This webinar will be based on a workshop called “Everyday Wellness” that Dr. Barman has put on at multiple regional and national conferences, but now tailored for the pandemic.