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Teaching Community Engagement for Health Professions Students in Underserved Areas  

UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium 2022

Purpose: Community projects as a means of service learning promote community engagement and can provide a powerful hands-on model of engagement for health professions (HP) students that can influence their career choices or reinforce existing interests.

Health Profession Students’ Knowledge Gained From Community-Oriented Web-Based Didactics  

UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium 2023

Purpose: California Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Scholars Program in Community Health is a statewide program designed to supplement students’      existing health professions training with community-oriented didactics, clinical training, and community-based hands-on activities.

California Statewide AHEC Burnout Prevention and Resiliency Program 

UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium 2023; National AHEC Organization Biennial Conference 2023; Western Group on Educational Affairs (WGEA) 2024

Purpose: California Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Burnout Prevention and Resiliency Program began a five-year statewide Burnout Prevention and           Resiliency Program in Fall 2022 as part of its five-year strategic plan. Clinician burnout is a national problem affecting both clinicians and health professions     students and has worsened with heightened demands from the 2022-23 confluence of RSV, influenza, and COVID infections. Working with our 12 centers and   national experts at the Institute for Professional Work life, Hennepin Healthcare, University of Minnesota, the program began with developing burnout assessments for health professionals, including practicing clinicians, medical residents, AHEC Scholars students, and AHEC centers’ educational and clinical partners in medically underserved sites.

California Statewide Area Health Education Center Scholar Symposium  

UCSF Fresno Educational Symposium 2023; National AHEC Organization Biennial Conference 2023

Purpose: California Area Health Education Center (AHEC) hosted the First Annual Community Project Symposium for the AHEC scholars Program in                    Community Health. AHEC Scholars had the opportunity to submit an abstract to present their community projects.

Incorporating A Discussion Board Feature Into An Asynchronous Online Learning System For An Interdisciplinary Cohort Of Health Professions Students 

USC Innovations in Medical Education Online Conference 2024

Purpose: The California Area Health Education Center (CA AHEC) Scholars program introduced discussion boards into its asynchronous online learning system to increase connectedness and promote reflection across disciplines, educational levels, and geographical regions within California. In the previous approach, Scholars conducted individual reflections on the materials but lacked the ability to interact with their peers.

AHEC Scholars Response Qualitative Report  

UCSF Education Showcase 2023

Purpose: A thematic analysis was conducted on essay responses from AHEC Scholars. Responses were collected from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020. A total of 15-20 responses were analyzed across nine modules (i.e., community engagement, health care reform, leadership and advocacy, medical neighborhood, patient engagement,  patient-centered medical home, quality improvement (QI), team-based care, and work-life balance), yielding a total sample size of 151 essay responses. Data is reported as thematic interpretation, word frequencies, and word clouds by module.